Extraordinary Services

Fine Art & Travel Photography

Victoria Herring captures the world in photographic images that in-spire vivid recall of places visited or realized travel dreams.

Her extraordinary gallery of travel photography is available for purchase online or at Artisan Gallery 218, in historic Valley Junction, West Des Moines, Iowa.

Victoria’s photos are favored by interior designers for their artistic quality. They can be customized for environments including commercial, professional and residential. *

If history’s attempts at world conquest had been as successful as Victoria Herring’s, her name would be written beside Caesar, Napoleon, and “that other” Victoria.

*Show your photos at work enhancing these three environments. (Before and After approach)

Photography Classes

Learn how to improve your photography  before you travel with practical instruction by Victoria Herring. Small-group, in-person classes can be scheduled each quarter at Artisan’s Gallery 218. Classes fill quickly, so express your interest early by sending your email address and/or other contact information to Victoria@ journeyzing.com.

And when you are on your trip, save your camera for selfies and memories for you, and use your travel time to see more than through a lens. When you return home, order a memory-book of photos from your trip, or a book of Victoria’s to supplement your own.

Travel Planning

Fill your next journey with ZING by having JourneyZing! – owned by Victoria Herring – help plan your travel.

Avoid cookie-cutter travel itineraries by having JourneyZing! customize your trip to your desires. If you are looking for destinations off the crowded tourist trail, JourneyZing! will transport you with customized journeys to places as unique as each part of the planet.

Your journey will be rich in authenticity. Days and nights will evolve into cherished memories because JourneyZing! plans the places and travel experiences geared to your personal interests.

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, for business or pleasure, your choice of travel-planner makes all the difference. Make JourneyZing! your destination in travel-planning. Let JourneyZing! save you time and money while adding value to your travel.

Start your journey today by viewing the photo gallery  of some of the places Victoria Herring has traveled. Then take the next step by answering the JourneyZing! Travel Questionnaire to determine where you would like to go next.

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