Victoria Herring formal May2019

International travel photography by Victoria Herring rises to the level of fine art. Victoria transforms global landmarks and wonders of the world into captured details and fleeting moments with painterly precision. If you did not know they were photographs, you would think they were masterworks in oil and watercolor. Her sensitivity to subtle light and vibrant color is pure poetry.

Equally at home in commercial and residential environments, Victoria’s images make you long for places you’ve never been. And, whether or not you travel to those destinations, you’ll see the world with a new perspective – through Victoria’s eyes.

Victoria typically shoots a thousand images in a week-long journey and selects only the 10 best of the best to refine with the magic of technology and her art for altering composition and accentuating the abstract nature of her subjects. Her email address includes the trademarked phrase “JourneyZing,” and that is exactly what distinguishes her travel photography; she captures the journey and adds the zing.

Victoria’s prints are available in any size and medium.

Victoria Herring is retired from the practice of law in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a partner in an upscale art gallery (Artisan Gallery 218) in historic Valley Junction (West Des Moines, Iowa).

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